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What's New: bopdrop App Update Breakdown

As we continue to understand the most important elements of music sharing, we’re always tweaking the experience to serve up music the right way for you and your followers. To keep up with the ever-changing world of music, we’re dropping a new app update that you can’t miss.

Learn more about our biggest May 2021 bopdrop App Updates along with the following improvements & enhancements:

  • Liked songs will now be saved within your profile.

  • You can now send a post from your feed or explore page directly to your bopdrop group.

  • Now you can show your favorite posts some love by double tapping to like.

  • bopdrop performance enhancements improve with every update through the help of continuous bug fixes.

Pick Your Portion

When it comes to dropping the perfect song that expresses your mood for the day, there’s a lot that goes into that selection. Maybe it’s a rainy day, maybe you need some motivation, or maybe you just wanted to share your newest musical discovery. Not only do you want your song selection to be on point, but you also want the parts of the songs that hit just right. Look no further - bopdrop is introducing a new feature, pick your portion!

Pick your portion allows you to select the exact portion of the song you’re looking to share, with a max of 30 seconds. With this new feature, you can now share the exact point of the song that really sold you on the sound behind the music. So, which lucky song will be the first pick your portion on your feed? A newly released banger? A throwback Thursday? The possibilities are endless.

bopdrop pick your portion of the song screenshot on the app

bopdrop Groups

We’re making music sharing even easier with our newest update, bopdrop groups. Simplify the sharing process by creating personalized groups to include only your closest friends, with no limit! That’s right, chatting, music sharing, and vibes are all unlimited.

Simply create a new group, name your group, add your friends, and start sharing music that you love. Whether you’re starting a band and sharing musical inspiration, gathering your concert buddies to reminisce on the good times, or prepping for an epic trip, bopdrop is here to make sure music drives your memories.

Start gathering your like-minded musical friends today and share an unlimited amount of tunes with the rest of the crew.

bopdrop groups app update screenshot

Notification Control Center

Get the most out of your bopdrop control center with one of our newest updates released at the beginning of April 2021. Let’s face it, there are a lot of apps out there that we’re all using and the more apps we’re using, the more notifications we’re getting. bopdrop is now giving you the option to customize your alerts through our new and improved notification control center. We’re letting you decide which notifications are important to you and which notifications you would rather have on mute. When it comes to customization options, here’s what bopdrop is providing:

  • New followers

  • Customize your reminder time to post every day

  • Comments on your posts

  • Likes to your posts

Keeping up with your profile activity just got that much easier. Head to your bopdrop control center today and manage your activity so it fits your schedule and lifestyle. Leave on what’s important to you and mute the rest. And while you’re at it, did you post your song today?

bopdrop notification control center app update

2021 Webby Awards

The team at bopdrop is still on cloud nine after being named an honoree for Best Apps and Software: Entertainment in the 25th Annual Webby Awards. Categorized as the “Internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international awards ceremony and organization to honor excellence on the world wide web. Presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), bopdrop couldn’t be more excited to be honored for such an unmatchable award.

Our bopdrop family is thrilled to join in the rankings next to some of the amazing Entertainment applicants from this year’s awards ceremony. Singled out as one of the top eight leaders in our category, among nearly 13,500 total projects, bopdrop continues to work hard to deliver an exceptional user experience for all. We continue to strive for the best as we update our app to enhance the music sharing and discovery experience.

bopdrop honoree for the 25th annual Webby Awards for entertainment apps & software

As we continue to improve the bopdrop app, we’re looking to our users for advice! Making this shared space a great experience for all is our main goal. Let’s discover new and old music together in a space that is perfect for distributing musical love, no matter the genre.

Stay tuned for new app updates as we continue to enhance the way you find, share, and enjoy music together.

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