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Think You Know Music? Test Yourself and Finish the Lyrics [Quiz]

May 27, 2021 marked our bopdrop birthday, and we sure did have a lot to celebrate! Since launching last year, 750,000 songs have been posted on bopdrop and 705,000 songs on bopdrop have been added to users’ playlists! That’s a lot of music sharing and we couldn’t be happier about providing a place for music lovers to geek out with their friends.

In an effort to honor the music that shapes our days, we’ve put together a quiz to test your knowledge of some of the best lyrics, new and old, around. From top growing artists on the bopdrop app to songs making a comeback with the help of TikTok, this lyrics quiz will have you guessing what you’ve always thought your favorite artists have been singing about.

Take the quiz below to truly test your musical knowledge, share your score results with us, and be sure to post your favorite lyrical songs on the bopdrop app.

Image Sources:,_D.C._Nov._11,_2014.jpg

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