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Introducing a New Music Experience: bopdrop, the Social Music App

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

After launching on May 27, 2020, bopdrop has been on a mission to change the way we all find and share music by bringing you closer to the music you love. No matter the genre, era, or melody you prefer, music is a simple language that allows people from all walks of life and different parts of the world to connect on a different level.

Learn more about this social media application that makes discovery of music easy and intimate. Whether you’re reminiscing with old friends or connecting with new ones, sharing your favorite hits has never been easier. Avoid pricey platform fees, create a following as a new artist, or simply discover a new song through bopdrop; the social media app that’s changing the game when it comes to how we find, listen, and share music.

How It Started

Established in Chicago, IL in an effort to create a platform for people who care about what others are listening to, bopdrop was born! With a clean design and an inviting color palette of white and mint green, bopdrop is familiar interface for music lovers to add to their arsenal of listening platforms.

Before the app came to life, Matt Krause, the founder of bopdrop, had already identified a need for something missing in this market. When browsing his current apps such as Facebook and Spotify, Matt noticed that there were various ways to find new music and learn what music your friends and family enjoy. However, there was no place where social networks and music were being successfully merged. Enter bopdrop! Matt set out on a mission to build something that would really hit home for all music lovers on some level.

“We recognized that people are looking to discover and share great music but are faced with a social detachment in licensed music applications today,” says Matt Krause, founder and CEO, bopdrop Inc. via The Mail “bopdrop empowers the music community from smaller artists, to music lovers and everyone in between.”

Developed by Blue Label Labs, the bopdrop app was already building a following and generating demand in product testing. The majority of the subjects in the testing group were already connected in some way, allowing the social media element of the app to really shine through and grow naturally. Instead of struggling to find that connection and scrambling to build a following once downloading the app, word of mouth allowed users’ connections to grow at a rapid rate. The day the app launched, bopdrop acquired 2,000 downloads, placing this music sharing platform in the top 200 free apps list on the app store.

As the app continues to grow and improve, the many benefits of bopdrop become widespread. Whether you’re a new and growing artist looking to get your music out there, you’re a music lover looking to discover new tastes, or you love seeing music shared on other social networks but can never remember the songs you see, bopdrop is the app for you.

How It Works

On most of our music listening platforms, music is discovered through an algorithm. By listening to a certain song or liking a specific artist, that platform is learning what you like in the moment and is delivering curated playlists based on your activities within the app. But when it comes to music, there’s more to think about than just what you’re in the mood for at that moment - preferences change and bopdrop is here to cater to that. bopdrop is bringing back human curated music taste, giving users a modern way to make their friends a mixtape!

So, how does bopdrop work and how is it making a name for itself in the music world? Below are some simple steps to get you started on the bopdrop app. Start sharing and discovering new music and throwbacks today!

  1. Download the bopdrop app on the App Store.

  2. Tailor your profile to represent you with top genres, connected music profiles, a profile picture and your banner image.

  3. Adjust your notification preferences to get the most out of your app experience.

  4. Find and follow friends, family, and new artists to see what they’re listening to and add newly discovered music to your bopdrop playlist. And be sure to give the songs you like a double tap in app to like!

  5. Send songs you love to friends directly or through groups created.

  6. Pick a song, select your 30 section portion, and share that music with your following. Choose wisely because you only get one song a day!

Sharing and discovering new music is now easier than ever through bopdrop. Join the rest of your friends and the music community today and see what all the hype is about as we empower listeners to share the music that matters most with the people that matter most.

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